Stream is skipping
'Unable to send stream fast enough. Buffer cleared'

This support article will explain why your stream may skip, or why Sam Cast/Sam Broadcast
is not able to send stream fast enough, and hopefully fix it!

We really, really do hate to say this, but the issue is not our servers and streams.
The reason why we hate to say this, is because we'd rather the error was on our side,
it would then be som much easier to fix it!
Let us however go through a few things that resides on your end that may cause this.

  1. Wireless connections.
  2. File sharing programs such as BitTorrent, BearShare, Kazaa, LimeWire etc.
  3. Streaming video and music (like Youtube, Netflix, Spotify etc.)
  4. Other computers sharing the same internet connection (that may or may not be running
    filesharing programs and/or streaming videos and music).
  • We can not stress this enough, but if you are broadcasting from a wireless connection, stop doing this IMMEDIATELY!
    Wireless connections are by it's nature very prone to delays and errors.
    You may not notice it when you are in SL or when you surf the web, but when you are streaming,
    your music needs to be sent to the stream server AS FAST AS POSSIBLE.
    Wireless conection CAN NOT handle this properly. Please do connect your computer by a cable.
    Your problems will most likely disappear for good if you internet connection is fast enough!
  • Filesharing programs is most commonly the biggest culprit.
    Even if you are not downloading anything at the moment, you most likely are still uploading!
    This will cause Sam or any other streaming software not be able to send your music fast
    enogh to our servers, thus making your stream sound really bad!
    Turn off all the file sharing programs you have running and reconnect to the stream.
    It may take a few seconds, up to a minute before you notice the difference!
  • Streaming video and music, even if paused, may cause your troubles when streaming.
    Usually because it is downloading (and may also be uploading) in the background.
    Close all streaming videos, music and (if any) respective program for it and reconnect to
    your stream. It may take a few seconds, up to a minute before you notice the difference!
  • If more than one computer in your house is sharing one Internet connection,
    they are all sharing the bandwidth of your Internet connection.
    If you have more computers than the one you are broadcasting from, please make sure
    they are not being used to watch streaming videos or music, download/upload things using filesharing
    or even playing online games.


If this didnt help, it should be safe to say that your computer is not the cause of your problems.
Try lowering the bitrate in your encoder/streaming software.
It might be that your ISP is having some temporary problems. If this helps, and it have been working before
with your previous bitrate, keep this bitrate for another day or two, and then try go up to the higher bitrate again.

If your stream is still skipping after having read through this article and doing what it tells you to do, we need to look where the actual error is.
Please download the error diagnostics from the downloads page and follow this article for more info on how to use the diagnostics program!

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