Error diagnostics


Some error, unfortunately, needs to be diagnosed.
This article will guide you though how to use the diagnostics.
We will briefly explain what it does and what we will use the info for.

The diagostics tool, WinMTR will send data (ping, or ICMP echo requests) from your computer to our server.
Simplest way to explain this is to say that the program will send a message to our server, simply saying "Hello?" and
wait for our server to respond with "Yes?".

Please dowload the 32 or 64 bit version of WinMTR here!

According to the picture below, we ask you to let the program send this at least 100 timers.
This give a more accurate result of any packet losses, and where the actual packet loss is happening.
It WILL reveal your IP address to us, as well as IP addresses on connection points between your computer, to your ISP and on it's path to our server.
Each row in the program represents a unit (switch, router or server) that the packets are traveling to until it reaches it's destination (our server).

Start with numer 1:
Enter your server address. As explained, if your stream address is then please do only enter
Now click start, and wait until you see that atleast 100 packets have been sent (seen in the "Sent" column.
Do not worry if the 2:nd or 3:rd row tells you that you have 100% packet loss. It means that your router/modem and/or firewall
doesn't respond to the ICMP echo packets. This is not a problem and are usually configured by your ISP or the manufacturer
for your security!

When atleast 100 packets has been sent, please stop the program by clicking the Stop button, and use the button "Copy text to clipboard"
to copy the results.
Paste it into an email and send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Don't forget to tell us your Second Life name and your full stream address, including the port number.
We will look at the diagnostics result and contact you ASAP regarding this.

With these results, we will be able to pinpoint EXACTLY where the problem is.
Most likely, you will have to contact your ISP in order to get help, but we will help you with details and evidence for you to give your ISP's support 
so that then can fix whatever is wrong.

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